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Tips to choose best Apps Store Optimization companies

App store optimization is gaining momentum since nearly a decade due to the numerous apps getting flooded into the apps market places like i-Tune store, Android store, Windows apps store etc. As the technology advanced, the technologists are making the duplicate or alternative copy of desktop applications into mobile versions. This makes easier for people to make use of such applications when they are in go. Alternatively the mobile applications are simplified versions of desktop software which make the end user more comfortable in using it. A typical mobile application covers all the features of their desktop counterpart, plus it also offers some additional features.

These days you will find mobile applications for music playing, video playing, browsing, surfing, email clients, document viewing, multi-functional online web applications, banking software for carrying out online transactions, trading, communication etc, the list goes on. The ease of use of these apps has made these apps to become more convenient for the people. You can find these apps in apps stores such as Google Play Store, I-Tunes store from Apple, Windows store from Microsoft etc.

With apps number in apps store growing multi-fold year by year, the competition between the apps have touched new heights. It is extremely difficult for new mobile apps to sustain in such a crowded apps stores. That is why the increasing the visibility of apps has become must and should for all apps developers. For the same reason an app developer need to go for app store optimization. ASO or app store SEO (also called app store optimization) is a technically and strategically carried out approaches intended to increase the visibility of apps in the major app stores. This is done by professional who have good skills and experience on app store SEO techniques. There are many companies who do this job. In order to promote your apps you need to catch hold of good ASO companies. Here are the tips to select the same.

  1. Look at the experience of the company in the field of ASO app store optimization. Don’t mess up with unskilled and totally new company which does not have any past working knowledge on this.
  2. Have a look at the some of the apps which are already promoted by these companies. Gauge how it is performing in the online store.
  3. Consider the testimonials about the company from its own customers. Take their experience with the company like service, client satisfaction etc.
  4. Be smart enough to make proper service agreement in order to promote your mobile apps.
  5. Pricing is an important factor. Get the quotations from at least 3 competitive vendors and decide who the best to suit your budget is.
  6. Communicate with them clearly about the sending the work reports on weekly/monthly basis on the app store optimization activities.

Once you have selected the company, set your expectations clearly with them. Give a certain time frame to achieve the expected results and deliverables. Keep good communication with the apps promotion company to understand the ongoing work in a better manner mutually.

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Difference between Website SEO and App Store SEO

SEO also know as search engine optimization is very important to bring traffic and make your website or app store visible to customers. If you are new and have no idea about what search engine optimization is and how it works then looking at the name you might feel that both website and app store SEO are same. But, no they are totally different and here are some facts to help you clearly understand their difference.

1. Compatibility is one thing that is highly required when speaking of App store SEO. If you open your website on a normal sized computer screen then you will realize that you are able to see everything displayed on it easily, without much scrolling. But today most of the people use Smartphone for browsing. Phones are more widely used for searching things online because they are handy and can be carried anywhere. Phone screens are small and to see a website the user has to scroll constantly and hence SEO experts need to put extra effort to make sure that the app store is optimized and provides easy navigation to users.

2. Keyword plays a very vital role when it comes to SEO whether website or app store.  If the website SEO is enriched with well researched keywords then it can easily come up in the search engine ranking. Same is the case with app store SEO. Experts must make sure that the webpage has adequate relevant information with proper searched keywords. The numbers of keyword in app store SEO must be sufficient in order to make it visible.

3. The image quality also has to be better when it comes to App Store SEO. In the desktop, image on website can be seen only in the way it is being uploaded but when using Smartphone you can view it horizontally and vertically.

4. When users use the website they use filter option to save time and quickly get whatever they are looking for. The filter option in both website and app is different thus when working on SEO you must have complete information about the difference and work accordingly.

5. The web ranking algorithm of both website and app store SEO is different. One simple reason behind the difference is the change in location. The location of website user does not change on regular basis but in case of app the user can move from one place to another anytime.

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Types of Apps Promotion – App store SEO

App Store Optimization is nothing but the art of getting discovered on an App Store. As an app developer, you shouldn’t really be alien to this term. Just as you would explore possibilities of keyword optimization for visibility on web, there are specific techniques to be explored for similar visibility on App store as well. ASO is one of the crucial techniques to grab attention in the thriving mobile marketing arena.

Here is a brief rundown on the benefits of one of the major Types of Apps Promotion – App store SEO. Make sure that you are going through the same in a bid to learn about this invincible strategy going on to take the online search world by storm in the coming years.

In the wake of the rising number of apps every day, developers are finding it increasingly difficult to make themselves found. The App stores had primarily been introduced to help developers discover their apps. However, these stores are not as effective in this respect as they used to be when the tablets and smart phones were launched in the year 2008.

Now it requires a great deal of research, planning along with the fundamental understanding of search terms used by potential clients, to get discovered. Effective ASO effort involves:

1. Description optimization for various Android and iOS devices

2. Choice of keywords for high and low competition—( Keyword optimization is highly influenced by the category that you choose for your app— a relevant category –viz gaming, weather etc—is an absolute essential in ASO)

3. App Title optimization (this works as the introduction of your app to your potential user base— make sure that you are working on an enticing name that will catch their attention fast thereby inspiring them to download the same—look how the established app builders have worked in this regard)

4. Keyword localization for apps

5. Discovering keywords used by competitors

Off store app optimization includes

1. Reviews and Ratings for your app

2. Download speed or volume

3. Back links

4. Social Share

ASO serves as an incredible platform whereby the key product pages are enhanced by ensuring that the elements are clear, conceivable and creative. This is the right approach to do away with vagueness regarding your offering and makes it stand out in a list view. It boosts quick comprehension and brand recall along with bolstering conversions with the help of suggestions and screenshots.

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App Store Optimization – Some Tips to Help You Improve Ranking

Today in this era of internet people are using Smartphone and tablets more than computer, to browse for various needs. So, to cope up with the competition it becomes very important that the business owners cater to mobile users and here comes the requirement of having an App. Just like having a website will not make the company popular, having an App will not let the company generate revenue. To make the company successful it is important that the App is visible to viewers. Here are some App store optimization tips:

1. Keyword is very important and you must select it carefully. First, look what your app does and then select keyword that is relevant. You can take help of ASO tool to select the best keyword but logical guessing also works well here. Once the keyword is selected check its popularity and competition because there are chances that company with same logic like yours may be using it. You can also decide on the niche and then select keyword focusing on it.

2. Once the keyword is selected use it in the title and description. When you use the keyword in the description make sure that it comes naturally and helps in focusing the benefits of your app.

3.You can market the app and tell people about its benefits. When few people start using your app and start enjoying its benefit then surely they will tell others about it.

4. Always keep your app on top of your mind, send your user some interesting notifications so that they come back for more. You can also send them emails with beneficial information. All these will give them a chance to share your app on social media and this will bring in more users.

5. You can also have an option where your user can rate and review your app. A good rating will improve your app ranking. It will also attract other users to download and check the benefits of your app.

6. Use attractive screenshots and icons so that people like your app at a glance.

7. Your app must be easily navigable and this will make it user friendly.

8. Market your app on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pintrest etc.

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App Store SEO – The Importance of Right Keyword

Earlier when there was no internet a person advertised his/her products with the help of newspapers and pamphlets, but with the invention of internet, things became easy and all the business owners looked for a place in the web world. This eventually increased competition and to make the site visible people tried various ways of optimizing. Now, is the world of app, you can find food app, fitness app, diabetic app etc. So to deal with the competition and to make your app visible you need to optimize it and this is called ASO which means App Store SEO. Here, instead of increasing the ranking of your website you are making your app visible to users.

People should find your app in the crowded cyber world with its name. It is very important that you select the name of your app and the company from the most searched lot. Here are tips which will help you pick the right keyword to improve the visibility of your app.

1. The title of the app should be limited to a maximum of 100 characters.

2. If your app is on android then beautiful description emphasizing its importance with keywords is a must.

3. The title can be a single word or a phrase but make sure that they are separated. You can separate them using comma.

4. People already know your company, so you must not use it for optimization. Also, when you select a keyword make sure that it is not repeated again and again.

5. Spend some time looking at the search results that you get after entering the selected keyword. By doing this you can know about some of your rivalry companies.

6. Instead of having just one keyword you can make a list of at least three or four. This will help you avoid overuse of a single word when optimizing your app.

7. When you select more than one keyword make sure that they are relevant. Just randomly selecting a word which does not match your USP will never work when planning to optimize your app.

8. If you have an app in different languages then select keywords to match the place. For example you can select keywords in French, German, Spanish or any other language.

9. Make sure that there is no spelling error.

10. Perfection is the key to success, so before selecting, search for some popular keywords in different platforms.

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ASO App Store Optimization

A well marketed mobile apps generates good revenue for the developer. The more your apps is popular, the more is the revenue you generate. Now the question is how to achieve the popularity for your apps? The answer is ASO or app store optimization techniques. Generally, once an apps is developed, the next thing people will do is publish it in apps store like Google Play Store, Itunes or windows app store. Many people conclude the job at this stage itself and they think this is ultimatum. Those people suffer a lot when their apps go unnoticed or invisible for the people in app store.

How to market your apps?

When you have developed your apps, don’t think your job is over. You have completed only 70% of the work. The rest 30% is all about the promotion of the apps. But the fact is that this 30% of the job holds the key in your app’s success. Many people who ignore the ASO APP store optimization will realize its importance very late. So it is very essential for the developer to take promotion of the apps very seriously with equal importance. Only then the developers can survive in apps business.     

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

ASO is the technique of strategically promoting the mobile applications in any online app store to enhance the visibility of the app. All it means is the apps should be found when the users search with the specific keywords. This visibility then leads to downloads. The number of downloads will then translate into popularity and revenue generation. That’s all you need at the end! The approach of ASO app store optimization is predefined and remains same for all promoters. But only thing is the effectiveness of the promotion, implementation matters.

Who does ASO?

An apps developer may or may not be aware of apps promotion techniques. There are professionals who are dedicated and expert in ASO app store optimization services. They can be an established company or freelancers. They would have successfully promoted many apps in online store. These people understand the competition in the market for your apps, find out the audience class and chalk out a plan for promotion. Please note that app store optimization can’t be done very fast. It definitely needs specific period of time. Moreover, it is a continuous process and not a single time job. Patience, perseverance and strategy are the three key points for successfully promote an apps.

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App Store Optimization and SEO

App Store Optimization (ASO or app store SEO) is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app’s store. If you are an app developer, or planning to develop an app, then this is something you need to look into. When an apps ranks good in the search results of store, it will be more visible for your end users. This visibility will convert into more downloads and generating good revenue for you. The Google play store has around a million of apps in it and windows apps store has around one fifth of a million apps. Obviously these numbers are very huge and it is not an easy task to get your apps noticed in search results.  As more and more apps are being developed every day, app store optimization is getting more difficult.

App Store Optimization has two parts. The first one is On-App store optimization which involves optimization of name of the application, basic description, the product category, author, developer or company name, brand name, screenshots, icons, app description etc.  The second one is Off-App store Optimization which involves use of right keywords, social promotion, size of the apps, download speed, user reviews, the frequency of update, new releases, offering additional features etc.  The keywords used might change regularly when the similar apps getting added into the store. That is why you need keep researching the keywords very regularly.  The app name should be very catchy and should contain the hot keyword which people key in for searches. The icon of the apps should be eye catching and need to have pictorial representation of your apps. The icon should drag the attention of the users.

By concentrating on these elements and continuously working on it, you can make your apps to standout among others in the pool. App Store SEO is becoming increasingly popular now a days and that is why it has been challenging for many new comers. Remember one thing; ASO is not a job of few days or weeks. It is an ongoing process and you need to work on it constantly and consistently.

Like people do website SEO to rank well in web search engines, ASO is referred as App Store SEO. Here you do search engine optimization in app store. Both website SEO and App Store SEO is correlated. Purpose of both is same, though the strategies used for promotion might be different.

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