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App store optimization, is your checklist ready?

Attaining highest visibility is the motive of publishing your mobile app on the app store. However, it becomes quite difficult to achieve it as thousands of other apps competing in the marketplace. Optimizing app store is a good way of achieving it. When you hire App store optimization Services, experts use techniques to bring your app on the top of it. However, you need some basic groundwork before assigning the task to the optimization team. Experts emphasize on preparing a basic checklist that will help in optimizing the optimization process. Let’s dive into the details:

  • Have you understood the competition well? It is critically important to know who all are competing and what is their USP? It is equally important to understand the customers and their preferences. How would you describe the app? What all medium will you use to make people aware of it? Why should people download your app? What are the triggers? What competitive advantage do you have in comparison to others? All these aspects should be evaluated in advance.
  • What keywords should you target to attract people? Should you track keywords that are not very obviously used, or the most trafficked ones? Optimization of the keyword is a specialized niche and App store optimization Services will do it for you. However, it is better if you also keep the foundation ready.
  • Make sure that the name of your mobile app is attractive and it offers sufficient pull to drag customers. An app with a relevant keyword embedded in the title ranks 10 percent higher than an app that doesn’t contain a keyword. Since App Store allows up to 255 characters, it is possible to embed multiple keywords. Of course, you should keep the name of the app short and concise. It should be sweet and engaging.
  • Use Goggle Pay Store; it is almost optimized: Google App store gives more than 4000 characters to describe the app; you can describe the app in a customer-facing, natural language. Keep a compelling description ready before you give a buzz to an optimization agency.

Regardless of the type and nature of your app, make the checklist ready so that maximum optimization can be achieved. If you want to get some more idea about it, then browse the top-rated apps in the App store. It is critically important to use smart optimizing ideas so that your app reaches the maximum audience.

Optimization of apps in app store is easy if you follow simple steps and strategies keeping the policies in mind.


Why Involve an App Store Keyword Optimization Agency right from the Beginning?

Isn’t it frustrating to see your app, which you evidently got developed after a lot of hard work and considerable investment, finds no place in the app store? It sure is, but the good news is that you can change the scenario, instead of getting bogged down by competition and circumstances! App store keyword optimization is the answer to this, and thereby is the most effective way to be searchable among your target audience.

Hire a professional

A noteworthy aspect is that you can easily hire a professional service provider for this right from the moment you start developing this app. Firstly, this professional agency will have a dedicated strategy for your specific app, and for that, would ask for elaborate details about your app. Right from the app name to its description to how it was developed, every bit of information you provide will help the agency experts frame right strategy for its app store optimization.

If desirable, the app store keyword optimization experts may suggest modifications. For example, it is better to have a keyword centric, crisp and catchy name as it would be easier optimized than any other name. If you missed this aspect earlier, you might catch it up with their involvement. Another significant element here is that the app name should be smart enough to describe what it is about. Optimization specialists would look at it from that perspective too!

Keyword choice, the critical aspect

Again, a lot of stress is on the keyword choice. Smartly chosen keywords leverage the objective of your app optimization everywhere – in social media, in forum comments, in reviews and all other online places where people mingle. For this purpose, you need to incorporate adequate and extensive research. You certainly leave all that to the app store optimization provider because the agency has experts for that purpose. Using the most app favoring keywords followed by their right usage in floating the content on various online platforms aptly powers up your app store keyword optimization campaign.

In other words, when you involve a professional and reliable app store keyword optimization agency right from the first day, you minimize your work and maximize the benefit. In addition, you save yourself from a lot of hassle and have all the good reasons to see your app amongst top positions on app stores. Most importantly you are rest assured that the optimization campaign of your app is in the most dependable hands. Hence, it should quickly find the target audience without preying to the stiff competition.

App store SEO or popularly known ASO is an important factor for your success of apps. Whatever useful or beneficial your apps is, but if you fail to reach the good number of audience it is of no use. So plan your apps promotion accordingly when you are developing an app. App Store SEO is one of major methods of mobile apps promotion. This can give you required boost for your mobile apps in the pool of apps in the store. Number of downloads from the store is the true measure of your apps popularity.

Before you decide on promotion of your apps, you need to first choose the keywords for app store optimization very carefully since keywords are the skeleton of the promotion.

The various aspects of app store SEO

With the growing use of mobile devices, the development of apps is growing at a tremendous pace. As mobiles are quite easy to access and they offer a host of features that are the same as traditional desktop computers, smart phones are becoming more and more popular as the time goes by. Smart phones operate quickly and they are also quite time saving. As there is now a surge in the use of mobile devices, software programmers and developers are now focusing on creating mobile versions of the applications that are commonly used in desktops. In fact, as thousands of apps are being made every day, there are now more apps for mobiles than the desktop apps. This has ultimately led to a huge boom in the app market and has resulted in intense competition in various app stores like iTunes store and Google Play Store. The developers of apps are leaning more towards the creation of apps for mobiles than for their desktop versions.

While developing apps is one thing, the success of that app depends on how well you can promote it in the market. Technical knowledge on some programming languages can allow an individual to develop apps that perform certain important functions. However, when you release an app in the app store, you will find that there are hundreds and thousands of apps in the same category that are prepared by other companies. In order to attract sufficient attention in the app store and promote your app in the app store, you need to develop a proper app store SEO strategy. Without being noticed in the app store, you cannot expect to earn any revenue or profit out of it. Getting noticed by more and more number of people will increase the overall number of downloads of your app, which will in turn bring you greater profits.

There are a number of people at present who have taken up the task of app store SEO as a hobby. While they earn a sufficient sum from their expertise, it is not their main job. By delving into the world of app store SEO, they can keep themselves abreast of the latest developments in the world of technology while sharpening their skills of coming up with enhanced techniques of app optimization. Even working with them is an experience that is different from traditional full time app store SEO experts as they have a highly experimental approach to their work.

For optimizing your apps, choosing the app store keywords is very important. You need to understand and analyze these keywords first.

Tips on marketing a mobile app

With thousands of apps getting developed every day, the profession of app development is a competitive field. Hence if you want to achieve success as an app developer, you also need to know how to succeed in marketing your app. While it is necessary to focus on the development aspect of an app, unless marketed properly it will be worthless. For this reason, you also need to focus on coming up with strategic marketing tactics to reach to your target audience and sell your app. In fact, strategic marketing can turn your app from simply an app to a major brand in itself.

The main thing behind the success of any app is the concept that drives it. It is necessary to come up with a great idea even though this might seem to be a challenging task. Creating an app that is based on an innovative idea will increase its chances of getting sold. Numerous apps are present in the market that caters to practically all types of tasks in the digital world, and this leads to tough competition. So if you are planning to develop an app that is based on a preexisting idea, make sure that you carry out some extensive research for it and develop a strategic plan to reinvent the app and make yours unique.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is lacking in the current apps of a particular type?
  • How can the app be improved?
  • In what ways can the app be made more interactive?

Whether or not you start with a big or small budget, make sure you invest in a social media strategy as this will help you to generate expanding market interest for your app. Social media platforms make you more human by capturing the personal aspect of your brand. It also acts as an excellent communication tool, thereby providing you a platform through which you can connect easily with your end users.

In order to make sure that your mobile app is getting all the exposure it requires, you need to understand well how app stores operate. The Google Play Store and Apple App Store are different from each other in a multitude of ways. To market an app successfully, you need to remember that ranking in Google Play Store is determined by usage. On the other hand, the ranking for an app in Apple App Store can be improved greatly through ad-driven links.

For the success of any apps store seo, latest app store seo techniques need to be followed for your apps.

The importance of app store search engine optimization

Over the last couple of years, there has been a tremendous growth in the global Smartphone market that was accentuated by the introduction of high-tech mobile devices running Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS. This has also favored software developers across the world as they come up with a wide array of smartphone applications. In fact, statistics suggest that new apps come up on almost every single day. This has in turn made the app market an increasingly cluttered area. Sites like the Android market and the Apple App Store display thousands of apps on their sites that perform a wide range of functions. In such cases, the only way an app developer can get their app noticed and downloaded by the maximum number of users is by focusing on developing an effective SEO strategy for the App Store.

Unlike general search engine optimization, SEO for the app market is considered to be a specialized branch of optimization. A smartphone app requires two distinct types of SEO – the first type focusing on improved ranking in the popular SERPS (search engine results pages) and the second type focusing on better visibility within app marketplace. The best strategies of established SEO practices can be used for influencing the external SERP rankings. One needs to consider the profile page of the application as the main landing page, and accordingly optimize the content within it for optimal keywords.

The SEO strategy for App Store ranking will depend on how Google and Apple rate various applications in their online portals. The various parameters that will be considered will include the category in which a particular app belongs; how much is the number of downloads it has received so far and how it is reviewed by the users. One of the most pivotal aspects of good SEO practice is proper keyword selection, and this is applicable to the app market as well. If you are an app developer who wants to market a particular app, you need to figure out the answers to the following questions:

  • What does your app do?
  • Who would be looking for your app?
  • Why would they be looking for your app?  
  • What are they hoping to find in your app?
  • How is your app better than other similar apps in the market?

Once you have found the answers to these questions, it will help you to find out keywords that are most relevant to your app. You can then develop your very own SEO strategy to reach out to a wider audience.

For success of any apps, app store seo marketing is very much necessary. Without this it is extremely difficult to have success in mobile apps.

App Store SEO Services Companies: How they help you

With mobile marketing continues to widen its reach, it’s high time that marketers understood the real meaning of App Store SEO as this is the place where the audience is. App Store Optimization is nothing but the technique involving the promotion of your apps in the app store. It can be more simply described as SEO applied in app store. Just as SEO experts employ variant techniques to bolster the ranking of your website in the search engine the ASO (App Store Optimization) experts are engaged with propelling your websites in the app store. This phenomenon (i.e. ASO) often remains quite an overlooked aspect- especially by developers when it comes to traction. ASO is only in its nascent stages and there is still a long way to go when traditional Search Engine Optimization and App Store Optimization would be treated as exclusive phenomena. Yes, there has been quite a mix up happening there. However, as already mentioned, with the surge in the popularity of mobile marketing, brands are required to differentiate their priorities in a major way. They will clearly lag in the future, if they are unable to do the same.

More about ASO

ASO is a simpler phenomenon than that of SEO and the most important factor that you should be concerned about is the download. Important factors that you have to worry about are:

  • Screen shot optimization
  • Filtration of Negative Reviews
  • App icon optimization

App Store Optimization is a part of app marketing that includes app marketing as well.

The app store services companies are involved with the work that’s done after you have launched your app in the app store. Only introducing your app in the app store is not sufficient. You have to ensure that your product (i.e. your app) reaches to its targeted users. As already mentioned, the primary function of ASO is to see that your downloaded by more and more users.

As per, there are a few apps which have even witnessed more than 300% increase in downloads with the help of proper keyword optimization. As per experts, you might as well resort to the Google Keyword Planner tool in order to find the right keywords to be optimized for the success of your app, but it is still considered to be too expansive to be useful. So, in order to narrow down to more search specific apps you should be ready to explore which keywords the other niche apps are doing.

Doing SEO for your apps will definitely help you in increasing the visibility for your apps in the app store. But you need to catch hold of well experienced app store SEO companies.

Varieties of Online Promotion

With the surge in the internet users over the decades, there has been a new era that has opened for marketing and promotion of your products & services. Gone are days of people opening the books of yellow pages, paper advertisements, and magazine classified etc. The new internet era has opened a revolution for promotional activities irrespective of the value, type of the products. Since internet is easily accessible when we are in go, the people have become online savvy. They find it convenient shopping online instead of visiting the retail stores physically which consumes lots of time and money.

What is online promotion?

In simplified words, it is nothing but enhancing the visibility of your brand in online stores, search engine etc. There are many varieties or types of online promotions like search engine optimization (SEO) of your websites in the major search engine websites, promotion in social networks like facebook, twitter etc, PPC marketing, affiliate marketing, app store promotion, digital marketing, Email campaign etc. The purpose of all these are same, that is to increase the publicity of the brand and to generate the business leads by reaching large number of niche audience. But there are slight difference between each one of them in terms of effectiveness, strategies and the result.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ever since the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu evolved, SEO started gaining significance. Large number of internet users depend on one of these search engines to search for their needs, information etc. When they do it they will find well optimized websites in the top positions and the leads will go to these companies. Because if this single reason all website owners are forced to go for SEO for their websites and this lead to huge competition in major search engines.

App Store SEO

With continuous innovations and research in computer technologies man has made it possible to have computers that fits in our hands! Yes, now mobile phones offering all most all features of desktop computers have taken the huge market share. The internet enabled mobile in your hand is like the whole world in-front of you. The latest smart phones works like a desktop/laptop which allows the users to install and use apps of their choice. These apps are readily available in apps stores. You can search and download apps of your requirement. Again, competition is skyrocketing in major apps stores with number of mobile apps growing numerously. This has lead to the App store optimization or simply called App store SEO. The apps store SEO ensures that your apps gets more visibility during searches in app store. So these days many app developers are going for seo for apps to increase the number of downloads.

While the above two app store seo and website seo are the natural promotion techniques, there are many paid promotions are also available like pay per click adwords campaign, facebook fan pages, facebook apps install campaign, twitter advertisements, sms marketing, digital marketing methods etc. Depending on the budget and targeted audience there are many doors available for online promoters.

If you have any plans to do SEO for your apps in app store, do get in touch with Optimizemyapps team who have extensive knowledge in the field.