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Earn Top Position in App Store with App Store Optimization

Grabbing the first page rank in Google is one of the foremost dreams of most webmasters. To achieve this, they go on employing innumerable techniques and so long as they are white hat methods, it all contributes to a considerable extent to help them meet the desired purpose.

However, a consistent effort with expert practices is required to be among the top ranks of Google. It is the same in case of your app. To have it gain the visibility and make it standout amongst million other apps, you require app store optimization. After all this app, which has come out after lots of thought provoking activities, various significant initiatives and investment of time and money is of no use if it doesn’t clearly reflect out there in the app store.

Read this before optimizing the app

It is good that you have liked the idea and are considering professional help in the process. Well that sounds a timely decision and it can appear even the best if you can imagine what would happen if you don’t do that, and don’t get someone to aid your app. Whoa – it can turn out to be a complete disaster and spoil all your hard work and time invested.

One important thing you must know here – your app will anyways show up in the store whether you get optimization or not! Then why hire professional optimization services?

Timing is crucial! Do you think your app will be as much opportune and fruitful after a year or so from now? Possibly not, because much would have happened till then and rather, that time, you would be thinking to enhance your app’s features. So the right advantages can come only if your app has a strong visibility today and have decided to go for optimization now!

What happens after app store optimization?

Knowing the outcome before trying something is a natural process and so you are not wrong if you ask the experts, “what happens after I decide to try putting my app rank high in store through optimization?”

A simple answer to that question is – your app starts displaying clearly among relevant searches in the store. This clearly means that your app becomes click-friendly and likes of its download are many times higher than when you are not having optimization.

You can see the first evident success once this happens and you get clear indications that your app is now being used by millions of users!

If you want to improve your app visibility and number of downloads of your app in the app store, then go for app store optimization services.


App store optimization, is your checklist ready?

Attaining highest visibility is the motive of publishing your mobile app on the app store. However, it becomes quite difficult to achieve it as thousands of other apps competing in the marketplace. Optimizing app store is a good way of achieving it. When you hire App store optimization Services, experts use techniques to bring your app on the top of it. However, you need some basic groundwork before assigning the task to the optimization team. Experts emphasize on preparing a basic checklist that will help in optimizing the optimization process. Let’s dive into the details:

  • Have you understood the competition well? It is critically important to know who all are competing and what is their USP? It is equally important to understand the customers and their preferences. How would you describe the app? What all medium will you use to make people aware of it? Why should people download your app? What are the triggers? What competitive advantage do you have in comparison to others? All these aspects should be evaluated in advance.
  • What keywords should you target to attract people? Should you track keywords that are not very obviously used, or the most trafficked ones? Optimization of the keyword is a specialized niche and App store optimization Services will do it for you. However, it is better if you also keep the foundation ready.
  • Make sure that the name of your mobile app is attractive and it offers sufficient pull to drag customers. An app with a relevant keyword embedded in the title ranks 10 percent higher than an app that doesn’t contain a keyword. Since App Store allows up to 255 characters, it is possible to embed multiple keywords. Of course, you should keep the name of the app short and concise. It should be sweet and engaging.
  • Use Goggle Pay Store; it is almost optimized: Google App store gives more than 4000 characters to describe the app; you can describe the app in a customer-facing, natural language. Keep a compelling description ready before you give a buzz to an optimization agency.

Regardless of the type and nature of your app, make the checklist ready so that maximum optimization can be achieved. If you want to get some more idea about it, then browse the top-rated apps in the App store. It is critically important to use smart optimizing ideas so that your app reaches the maximum audience.

Optimization of apps in app store is easy if you follow simple steps and strategies keeping the policies in mind.

Do you believe in these App Store Search Optimization myths?

When an industry crosses 25 Billion USD business mark, nobody can ignore it. Yes, App store market is such an enormous. Experts say that it is going to establish many more milestones in the coming years. You shouldn’t be a laggard in exploring the potential of it when the world is heading towards further fierce competition. It is very much important that your app reaches to as many eye balls as possible. Do not leave a single stone unturned to unleash the potential of it.

If you believe in these top prevailing myths among app designers and marketers, than it is the time to bust the myths and move ahead in a planned and systematic manner to make your app a super-duper hit. App Store Search Optimization is the secret of success.

  1. Whatever description you give to the app, people will find it anyhow. It is perhaps the commonest myth while optimizing an app. Not only developers but SEO experts also get trapped into it. In reality, description is always important. Though it is a fact that it is not very critical from the ASO aspect only, you should look into it from the complete perspective. For the play algorithm, it is very much important. Rather, experts recommend that one must take care of natural inclusion of keywords in title and description.
  2. You are supposed to make a frequent change in the title so that it is in the limelight. No, it is not a valid statement. Undoubtedly, you need an impressive title that attracts people. It is certainly a key element for optimization. However, it doesn’t mean you should change it now and then. Rather, it makes the situation worse. When your App is getting established, and Goggle gives it high rank, changing the title is like starting from scratch.
  3. Since you are developing it for App Store only, what is the need to optimize it? Do you think in the same way? If yes, then change the perception. Though App is always meant for App Store, optimization is required in any case. The more people know about you, higher are the chances of success. There are thousands of apps in the competition whatever may be your niche. You have to stand apart to grab as much business as possible.

These myths may hamper your business opportunities. Do not get into the trap and achieve success in app store search optimization.

The best app store search optimization tips and techniques are available online if you are keen to promote your mobile apps.

Leave others miles behind by following Key app promotion techniques

App Store Optimization or ASO is a buzzword today because it makes your app distinctly visible and accessible. The more people know about it, higher are the chances of getting it subscribed. In the fiercely competitive mobile marketing ring, you are supposed to use the best punches to knockout the competition. A seasoned optimization agency uses following techniques to achieve the purpose:

  • It optimizes app description for various operating systems like Android, iOS or Windows.
  • The selection of right keywords makes a huge difference in achieving visibility. Relevant keywords bring high success.
  • It optimizes App title to make sure that it reaches to the people who are desperately looking for it.
  • It performs competitive analysis of keywords that are being used for equivalent apps. ASO Company optimizes App titles for better efficiency.
  • Other than on store optimization methods mentioned above, there are several Off Store methods also.  Improving download speed, enhancing reviews and ratings, and backlinking makes your App prominently observable in the virtual world. Social media optimization of your app lets others know about it.

What makes an app promotion company special?

When you seek for a good quality app promotion company that can make your app visible to a diversified audience by following Key app promotion techniques, it is important to know some characteristics that make it special.

  • An experienced company is always better. It has a rich experience of promoting a variety of apps to several users. The company with a solid experience of optimization techniques rarely fails in deciding the right techniques.
  • Positive remarks and testimonials of clients prove that the app promotion company is efficient and reliable. It doesn’t mess up the work and offers the right apps to the right audience.
  • Look at the apps promoted by them. How are they performing on the Internet? How is the visibility? How many people buy it every month? When a company promotes apps effectively, they are prominently visible everywhere. Also, sales graph reaches new heights with time.
  • A professional company gives periodic and customized performance reports. Also, it keeps you updated about the SEO activities or store optimization activities related to your app.

When you find a great company, make them clear about what do you expect from them? Understand what Key app promotion techniques they propose for you? If you have some queries, suggestions or doubts, then feel free to ask them. Good communication brings phenomenal results always!

The app store search optimization is very much essential these days to popularize the apps in app stores.

The best tips for Promoting your apps in App Store

In the view of the cutthroat competition and volatile market, one can’t depend on the age-old ‘build and populate’ strategy for a mobile app. It no longer works because there are hundreds of other apps pushing hard for a large market share. It is the game of ‘survival of the fittest’. Thus, you have to be on the toes to catch maximum eyeballs. Though there is no foolproof and guaranteed way of beating the competition, these ways certainly increase the change of making a fortune. Experts suggest a several ways of promoting your apps in App Store. Here are a few incredible tips:

Find the target market first

You need to find and categorize the real customers before you popularize it. Remember, it is not a wise thing today to do a generalized marketing because it loses the impact. In the virtual world, people look for specific things that fulfill their needs. For example, a mobile app giving beauty and skin tips should be targeted to women that are 30+. There is no point in promoting it to teens or youth. Only pre-identified segments produce incredible results because they hit at the right place at the right time. Indiscriminate promotion may affect the downloading decision of potential buyers adversely.

Use as many touch points as possible

Experts say that before you spend bucks on promotion, use the maximum possible touch points first. Explore the existing opportunities before searching for the new ones. Emails, websites or social media network can be highly effective. QR Code is a widely used technique which a useful one. Remember, today mobile phone itself is a media center. Hence, you can leverage it for promoting the app. Understand their behavior and then make use of real-world entities.

SEO is useful here too!

How is it possible ignoring the most-effective and fascinating thing of attaining high visibility on the Internet? Search Engine Optimization or SEO is highly useful in promoting the mobile app also. Use link building, back linking or affiliate marketing to enhance penetration. Those who are looking for similar apps must know about your product. Hire a professional agency if you are not well-versed with it. There isn’t a need for spending exorbitant money. A reasonably good agency can also bring phenomenal results. It is a game of skill, subject matter knowledge and promoting the things wisely and thoughtfully.

These tips are useful and handy for making the app a grand success!

The app store keyword search is one of the most common ways by which people find out the new apps in the app stores.

Why do experts vouch the perfect keywords for App Store optimization?

It is quite obvious that clients aren’t aware of App Store Optimization or ASO, but there are several application developers who also don’t know anything about it. However, it is as critical as a SEO or Search Engine Optimization for a website. When an App store is visible to many viewers when they search, it is a high probability that people select it for downloading or purchasing an application. Like SEO, keywords are important in ASO as well. There are various tips to choose keywords for app store optimization that help in arriving at the best ones. Before we look at the salient features of it, let’s understand what a keyword is and why is it important?

Understanding a keyword

A keyword is nothing, but a single word or a phrase that a potential customer (or a casual viewer who may or may not turn into a customer) types while looking for an application. It is quite obvious that these words are relevant and related to an application or game offered by your App Store. Hence, it is very much possible to anticipate them and wisely spread in the content, promotional messages, App title and so on. When users search by giving these keywords, it is a high probability that search engine crawlers know about your page and the link appears in the first few search results.

What makes a keyword “good”?

A keyword that has the largest probability of getting typed by viewers is a good keyword. It is quite easy to determine it. Today, there are various tools available on the Internet to find good keyword ideas. One can talk to the experts and obtain a list. They can also give tips to choose keywords for app store optimization. Looking at the competitor website is also an effective idea. You find the most likely searched keywords and rephrase them as per your needs. Look at the page statistics so that you can find the most often used keywords and their frequency. It helps in deciding the most effective words specific to your website.

Points to Ponder

  1. A keyword has to be at least two characters.
  2. Keywords are separated by commas, not white spaces.
  3. Even if users search for a combination of keywords, they hit your webpage.
  4. Words like “Free” or your company name is added automatically.
  5. Keyword optimization is a perpetual process that needs refinement and correction always.

App store optimization is not a big task if you follow the some tips to choose the app store keywords before you start the promotion activities.

Why do master brains work relentlessly on App store search optimization?

As billions of applications already make the major app stores crowded and every year thousands of new apps add to it, making an app visible is a gigantic task. Mobile app publishers face tremendous trouble in highlighting it in front of the right audience at the right time. Here comes the role of App store search optimization, the magical technique of attracting several eyeballs. It is a methodical way of optimizing an app to achieve higher rank in the search result. The higher an app ranks, the more apparent it is to those who are interested in it. The visibility gets directly converted into increased traffic to the app page. The primary goal of the optimization is to pull more crowds to the app’s page so that people download it.

Deciding right keywords is highly important for bringing a large number of viewers to your app. That’s why ASO experts put maximum efforts for understanding the phrases users use while searching a particular app.

Why App store search optimization becomes critical today?

Statistics reveals that about two-third of apps are searched through app stores. The probability of downloading an app is quite high, when users search it quickly. It means when an app is not optimized for search ranking; it loses a lot of potential business. As there are hundreds other similar applications standing in the queue, users conveniently pick up the next one.

Primary and secondary factors of effective ASO

Two factors are primarily important while deciding App store search optimization strategy. Firstly, the title must contain a keyword that is used in the maximum search traffic. A thorough research is required to find out the top ones. It isn’t a good thing to keep it frequently changing. As the app achieves higher ranks and gets more reviews, it becomes popular in the virtual world. Hence, frequent changes in the title affect the consistency. Secondly, keep the track of most searched keywords. Look at the competitors closely to compare your performance on a periodic basis. Keep them regularly optimized.

There are a few secondary factors that are also important in determining the ways of maintaining high ranks. Total number of downloads, reviews, feedback and ratings are also critical. Though these parameters are difficult to control, there can be ways of keeping them high. Incentivizing users may help in achieving higher ranks.

App store search optimization is very much essential for grabbing maximum business in the highly competitive world. It assures high ROI and an excellent throughput!

Doing app store search optimization is imperative if you want your apps to succeed in the app market.