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Why you should know about the Importance of Keywords Selection in App Store Optimization

A lot app designers and developers are best in their job and they come out of some really outstanding apps. Let’s admit it – apps have remarkably changed the mobile world and so more and smarter apps are by and large needed. In such a scenario, it is really painful if the work of these talented app designers and developers remain unnoticed if their app remains confined to a specific community and does not reach out to millions.

The above is a clear outcome of the fact that their app is not visible in the app store and so is not getting the due response – by way of downloads or purchase. From this viewpoint, knowing about the importance of keywords selection in app store optimization is quite paramount today.

If you too are in the process of designing an app or launching your app soon, you should remain sensitized about this crucial subject.

What are keywords?

First questions should be answered first! Even if you know about them, there is no hassle knowing about them again.

Keywords are those phrases or pairs of words which people mostly type in the search box of search engines to find something. These keywords hold a sort of hint about the searched items and they make products, services, apps, etc searchable for the hunter.

Needless to mention, keywords are extremely significant from the readers’ perspective. This is a good hint for you why you should first find apt keywords around your app and then dedicate them in your content.

Why keyword selection is so prevalent?

That is another question which holds too much importance here! Well, correct selection of business centered keywords or key-phrases can you get you too close to winning your battle – of optimization!

In keyword selection, you need to check you competition, i.e. the keywords which are competitive for your niche. Based on this study, you can try to go with the least competitive keywords and additionally, smartly incorporate the competitive ones in your campaign.

Why should you seek professional help?

Professional help will considerably ease your job and rather, let the experience and expertise of optimization professionals do the job.

People involved in app store optimization are adept at searching most appropriate keywords for your app. They also do the optimization and make sure that your app is easily searchable, or accessible, for prospective buyers.

In other words, hiring an agency or professional with aptly informed about importance of keywords selection in app store optimization can handy for you.

If your app is not getting good response in app store, then try to give importance to keywords selection in app store optimization.


Is your App Searchable? Ask an App Store Optimization Company!

It is never a subject of debate for you that how search engines function, how they list items on first or second page and how a particular website is ranked high on them. It is not, particularly if you are focused on your business and have a great website with user-friendly navigation, impressive graphics, meaningful content, and highly facilitating options for the visitors’ advantage.

But when you have designed and developed an app, and you know it has remarkable characteristics, largely beneficial to the users, you got to ask this question to yourself. Is your app searchable? Are you reaching out to the right audience and that are your prospects looking at your app? Do you need an app store optimization company for the purpose?
Why your app should be searchable


It makes perfect sense and you know why! Well, after all you have inducted a considerable sum in the design and development of an app. How can you forget the amount of time and efforts put in for launching your app?


Now, once it is fully functioning and that you feel the time is opportune for it to go in right hands; you got to attempt in every way to make your app searchable, and if needed, take help of experts who know app store marketing.


This is significant also because over two million apps are available right at this moment in app stores – waiting to be clicked and installed, and yours is one of them! Whoa, that’s a terribly mammoth figure, isn’t that?


Yes, it is. But you don’t need to worry about your visibility if you are hiring an experienced app store optimization company.


Your advantage with this approach


Statistics show that as high as sixty percent of mobile users land up a specific app because they found it at an app store. This means your app at first must be in the app store. Next point is – do all the users download the app they see on store? Answer is – no, they don’t.


Here is another important hint for you. To increase the number of downloads of your particular app, you may want to raise its visibility by many more millions and want gigantic number viewers than usual to see it.


Exactly there, you require sophisticated app store optimization tools and they are available only with a dedicated app store optimization company.


Now is the time to think about, initiate action and get the true worth of your app!


To increase the visibility and number of downloads of your particular mobile apps , choose the best app store optimization company.

Optimize your App Reach with Professional ASO Services!

Got an app but wondering how to reach out to millions? Well, that is the number one concern for most app owners, designers and developers today. So if you got such a concern, you are not alone.

Do you know that most app owners today are looking for professional ASO services? That’s true and it is not by chance.

When you have evidently put in a lot of efforts, enormous hours and a considerable investment, you want to make the app come as you wanted it. Yours can be a customer-friendly app, or a kind of service or some assistance pertaining to health; whatever it is about but the matter of fact is – your app gets its true and deserving value only when it goes on to be installed on thousands, if not millions, of mobiles.

While it can be true that you have taken utmost care in developing the app, involved the best app designers for it and the product is extremely useful, you cannot ignore the fact that you require a dedicated and professional service to spread the word about it.

Tangible benefits from ASO

ASO stands for app store optimization and therefore the job calls for specialization. Those familiar with online marketing or internet marketing and the role of search engine optimization can well understand the need for ASO services and how they can facilitate the purpose incredibly.

You can reap tangible outcomes when you choose professional service providers of ASO. These benefits can come to you in following manners:

  • You get better knowledge and more information about your customer and niche market.
  • You are advised with an apt name for your app – a name that can quickly popularize and make your app stand out.
  • Your app goes out with most facilitating keywords so as to address the optimization part.
  • You get concise traffic from across the globe and your app goes up in the app indexing graph.
  • You have experts at hand to take care of any last minute implementations, changes.

How professional ASO service providers help

Specialization in any area is quite significant today and the same goes true in case of marketing too. It is quite mandatory for your product, whatever it is, to be popularized through appropriate initiatives and novel approaches.

In this scenario, assistance of professional agencies with ASO expertise delivering services largely helps. Such agencies have experienced individuals who not only understand your app and its benefits but also identify the target audience.

The ASO Services company can help you to promote your mobile apps in App store and there by increase your revenue generation.

How to choose right keywords for App Store SEO

When it comes to choosing right keywords for optimum App Store SEO, there are plenty of misconceptions and speculations among both veteran app marketers as well as novice app developers. You have already developed an excellent app from the starting idea to its final designing; now you have to market your app in a way that it becomes the next big thing after Angry Birds. App Store SEO is a vital process that will help your app to get discovered in app store, get you higher app store ranking as well as facilitate increased download of your app.

One of the most crucial steps when it comes to App Store SEO is to choose the keywords that present an apt description of your app. Remember that the name of your app is a vital keyword in itself. One of the ways to accomplish this would be to brainstorm an assortment of phrases and words that can be applied to your app. Although this sounds fairly easy, there are plenty of times when people come up with keywords that are completely non-relevant, and as such are highly unlikely to be ranked high up in the list. Although you can use certain keyword optimization tools to suggest you the best name for your app, your intuitive intelligence and creativity is the key here, as the keyword optimization tools can only point to a suggestion based on what is already present.

Here are some other tips that will come in handy while trying to find the right keywords for App Store SEO:

  • Although you may use both single as well as multi-word phrases, remember to separate your multiple keywords using commas.
  • While trying to figure out which keywords to use, check out what search results come up with your set of chosen keywords. It will also inform you about the market competition that you are likely to face.
  • Do not repeat your keywords unnecessarily. Do not include your app name and the name of your company in your chosen keywords as these terms can already be used by customers to find you in the App Store.
  • Avoid keywords that are overly used as they will get you nowhere. When you use keywords that are generalized, numerous results might come up and there is a good chance that your app gets lost in the long list. If, on the other hand, you use keywords that are rare and more specific, it will be easier for your app to appear in the search engine results.  

Choosing the right keywords for app store optimization is an important aspect before you go ahead with app store optimization for your apps.

Importance of app store SEO for Apple’s ITunes

One of the prime goals of SEO is to optimize your site in a way so as it ranks higher in the various search engines like Google and Bing. The Apple iTunes App Store is also a similar search engine wherein people come and search for the best apps. There are plenty of app developers all over the world striving to create the best apps for a number of functions such as social networking, camera filming, photo editing, chatting, etc. However, in order to get noticed from among a range of similar apps, it is essential to rank high in the App Store search engine. This can be achieved by using skillful SEO techniques for Apple iTunes Store.

ASO, or App Store Optimization as it is called, is integral to the success of any app, without which even the best apps may fail to generate the expected response. Here are some guidelines on how you can make your app get noticed by users in the App Store.

  • One of the best ways to optimize your app is to integrate social media sites like FaceBook and Twitter with your app. Offer bonuses and extra privileges if a user enables integration with these sites. Be short and precise in your marketing strategy, and use videos or images if possible.
  • Create a video about your app that is simple, short and appealing, and speaks about your idea in the right way. Avoid using text in a video if that’s possible as it will help you to make your trailer international. Choose a catchy tune to go with your app that suits its basic theme. Submit your video on sites like Vimeo and YouTube and post your video link in numerous other places as well.
  • Try to come up with a great icon for your app. Your icon is important as that will instantly speak volumes of what you have to offer. Use your imagination to come up with the best color combinations and character stylizations possible.
  • While the above steps might get you a person interested in checking out your app, the following one will make him hit the download button. Post attractive screenshots of your app and present a short write-up that clearly describes it in an attractive way. Make sure to take screenshots that are of most value to the user.
  • Choose a name that aptly describes your product and yet sounds catchy and has a good market value. Your chosen name can have a significant impact on the number of downloads you can have.

If you have released your apps in Apple’s iTune store, it makes sense to go for as app store optimization or ASO, in order to attract more visitors and downloads for your apps.