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Do you believe in these App Store Search Optimization myths?

When an industry crosses 25 Billion USD business mark, nobody can ignore it. Yes, App store market is such an enormous. Experts say that it is going to establish many more milestones in the coming years. You shouldn’t be a laggard in exploring the potential of it when the world is heading towards further fierce competition. It is very much important that your app reaches to as many eye balls as possible. Do not leave a single stone unturned to unleash the potential of it.

If you believe in these top prevailing myths among app designers and marketers, than it is the time to bust the myths and move ahead in a planned and systematic manner to make your app a super-duper hit. App Store Search Optimization is the secret of success.

  1. Whatever description you give to the app, people will find it anyhow. It is perhaps the commonest myth while optimizing an app. Not only developers but SEO experts also get trapped into it. In reality, description is always important. Though it is a fact that it is not very critical from the ASO aspect only, you should look into it from the complete perspective. For the play algorithm, it is very much important. Rather, experts recommend that one must take care of natural inclusion of keywords in title and description.
  2. You are supposed to make a frequent change in the title so that it is in the limelight. No, it is not a valid statement. Undoubtedly, you need an impressive title that attracts people. It is certainly a key element for optimization. However, it doesn’t mean you should change it now and then. Rather, it makes the situation worse. When your App is getting established, and Goggle gives it high rank, changing the title is like starting from scratch.
  3. Since you are developing it for App Store only, what is the need to optimize it? Do you think in the same way? If yes, then change the perception. Though App is always meant for App Store, optimization is required in any case. The more people know about you, higher are the chances of success. There are thousands of apps in the competition whatever may be your niche. You have to stand apart to grab as much business as possible.

These myths may hamper your business opportunities. Do not get into the trap and achieve success in app store search optimization.

The best app store search optimization tips and techniques are available online if you are keen to promote your mobile apps.


The best tips for Promoting your apps in App Store

In the view of the cutthroat competition and volatile market, one can’t depend on the age-old ‘build and populate’ strategy for a mobile app. It no longer works because there are hundreds of other apps pushing hard for a large market share. It is the game of ‘survival of the fittest’. Thus, you have to be on the toes to catch maximum eyeballs. Though there is no foolproof and guaranteed way of beating the competition, these ways certainly increase the change of making a fortune. Experts suggest a several ways of promoting your apps in App Store. Here are a few incredible tips:

Find the target market first

You need to find and categorize the real customers before you popularize it. Remember, it is not a wise thing today to do a generalized marketing because it loses the impact. In the virtual world, people look for specific things that fulfill their needs. For example, a mobile app giving beauty and skin tips should be targeted to women that are 30+. There is no point in promoting it to teens or youth. Only pre-identified segments produce incredible results because they hit at the right place at the right time. Indiscriminate promotion may affect the downloading decision of potential buyers adversely.

Use as many touch points as possible

Experts say that before you spend bucks on promotion, use the maximum possible touch points first. Explore the existing opportunities before searching for the new ones. Emails, websites or social media network can be highly effective. QR Code is a widely used technique which a useful one. Remember, today mobile phone itself is a media center. Hence, you can leverage it for promoting the app. Understand their behavior and then make use of real-world entities.

SEO is useful here too!

How is it possible ignoring the most-effective and fascinating thing of attaining high visibility on the Internet? Search Engine Optimization or SEO is highly useful in promoting the mobile app also. Use link building, back linking or affiliate marketing to enhance penetration. Those who are looking for similar apps must know about your product. Hire a professional agency if you are not well-versed with it. There isn’t a need for spending exorbitant money. A reasonably good agency can also bring phenomenal results. It is a game of skill, subject matter knowledge and promoting the things wisely and thoughtfully.

These tips are useful and handy for making the app a grand success!

The app store keyword search is one of the most common ways by which people find out the new apps in the app stores.