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Varieties of Online Promotion

With the surge in the internet users over the decades, there has been a new era that has opened for marketing and promotion of your products & services. Gone are days of people opening the books of yellow pages, paper advertisements, and magazine classified etc. The new internet era has opened a revolution for promotional activities irrespective of the value, type of the products. Since internet is easily accessible when we are in go, the people have become online savvy. They find it convenient shopping online instead of visiting the retail stores physically which consumes lots of time and money.

What is online promotion?

In simplified words, it is nothing but enhancing the visibility of your brand in online stores, search engine etc. There are many varieties or types of online promotions like search engine optimization (SEO) of your websites in the major search engine websites, promotion in social networks like facebook, twitter etc, PPC marketing, affiliate marketing, app store promotion, digital marketing, Email campaign etc. The purpose of all these are same, that is to increase the publicity of the brand and to generate the business leads by reaching large number of niche audience. But there are slight difference between each one of them in terms of effectiveness, strategies and the result.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Ever since the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu evolved, SEO started gaining significance. Large number of internet users depend on one of these search engines to search for their needs, information etc. When they do it they will find well optimized websites in the top positions and the leads will go to these companies. Because if this single reason all website owners are forced to go for SEO for their websites and this lead to huge competition in major search engines.

App Store SEO

With continuous innovations and research in computer technologies man has made it possible to have computers that fits in our hands! Yes, now mobile phones offering all most all features of desktop computers have taken the huge market share. The internet enabled mobile in your hand is like the whole world in-front of you. The latest smart phones works like a desktop/laptop which allows the users to install and use apps of their choice. These apps are readily available in apps stores. You can search and download apps of your requirement. Again, competition is skyrocketing in major apps stores with number of mobile apps growing numerously. This has lead to the App store optimization or simply called App store SEO. The apps store SEO ensures that your apps gets more visibility during searches in app store. So these days many app developers are going for seo for apps to increase the number of downloads.

While the above two app store seo and website seo are the natural promotion techniques, there are many paid promotions are also available like pay per click adwords campaign, facebook fan pages, facebook apps install campaign, twitter advertisements, sms marketing, digital marketing methods etc. Depending on the budget and targeted audience there are many doors available for online promoters.

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