Difference between Website SEO and App Store SEO

SEO also know as search engine optimization is very important to bring traffic and make your website or app store visible to customers. If you are new and have no idea about what search engine optimization is and how it works then looking at the name you might feel that both website and app store SEO are same. But, no they are totally different and here are some facts to help you clearly understand their difference.

1. Compatibility is one thing that is highly required when speaking of App store SEO. If you open your website on a normal sized computer screen then you will realize that you are able to see everything displayed on it easily, without much scrolling. But today most of the people use Smartphone for browsing. Phones are more widely used for searching things online because they are handy and can be carried anywhere. Phone screens are small and to see a website the user has to scroll constantly and hence SEO experts need to put extra effort to make sure that the app store is optimized and provides easy navigation to users.

2. Keyword plays a very vital role when it comes to SEO whether website or app store.  If the website SEO is enriched with well researched keywords then it can easily come up in the search engine ranking. Same is the case with app store SEO. Experts must make sure that the webpage has adequate relevant information with proper searched keywords. The numbers of keyword in app store SEO must be sufficient in order to make it visible.

3. The image quality also has to be better when it comes to App Store SEO. In the desktop, image on website can be seen only in the way it is being uploaded but when using Smartphone you can view it horizontally and vertically.

4. When users use the website they use filter option to save time and quickly get whatever they are looking for. The filter option in both website and app is different thus when working on SEO you must have complete information about the difference and work accordingly.

5. The web ranking algorithm of both website and app store SEO is different. One simple reason behind the difference is the change in location. The location of website user does not change on regular basis but in case of app the user can move from one place to another anytime.

There are plenty of app store search engine optimization companies you will find. Optimizemyapps.com is team of APP SEO experts who can strategically promote your apps within shortest period of time.


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