App Store Optimization – Some Tips to Help You Improve Ranking

Today in this era of internet people are using Smartphone and tablets more than computer, to browse for various needs. So, to cope up with the competition it becomes very important that the business owners cater to mobile users and here comes the requirement of having an App. Just like having a website will not make the company popular, having an App will not let the company generate revenue. To make the company successful it is important that the App is visible to viewers. Here are some App store optimization tips:

1. Keyword is very important and you must select it carefully. First, look what your app does and then select keyword that is relevant. You can take help of ASO tool to select the best keyword but logical guessing also works well here. Once the keyword is selected check its popularity and competition because there are chances that company with same logic like yours may be using it. You can also decide on the niche and then select keyword focusing on it.

2. Once the keyword is selected use it in the title and description. When you use the keyword in the description make sure that it comes naturally and helps in focusing the benefits of your app.

3.You can market the app and tell people about its benefits. When few people start using your app and start enjoying its benefit then surely they will tell others about it.

4. Always keep your app on top of your mind, send your user some interesting notifications so that they come back for more. You can also send them emails with beneficial information. All these will give them a chance to share your app on social media and this will bring in more users.

5. You can also have an option where your user can rate and review your app. A good rating will improve your app ranking. It will also attract other users to download and check the benefits of your app.

6. Use attractive screenshots and icons so that people like your app at a glance.

7. Your app must be easily navigable and this will make it user friendly.

8. Market your app on different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pintrest etc.

OptimizeMyApps is one stop shop where you will find everything that is needed for app store optimization. They not just help in finding and analyzing keyword but help in ASO Icon and screenshot solution.

Get your app store optimization (ASO) done to increase the downloads for your apps.


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