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App Store SEO – The Importance of Right Keyword

Earlier when there was no internet a person advertised his/her products with the help of newspapers and pamphlets, but with the invention of internet, things became easy and all the business owners looked for a place in the web world. This eventually increased competition and to make the site visible people tried various ways of optimizing. Now, is the world of app, you can find food app, fitness app, diabetic app etc. So to deal with the competition and to make your app visible you need to optimize it and this is called ASO which means App Store SEO. Here, instead of increasing the ranking of your website you are making your app visible to users.

People should find your app in the crowded cyber world with its name. It is very important that you select the name of your app and the company from the most searched lot. Here are tips which will help you pick the right keyword to improve the visibility of your app.

1. The title of the app should be limited to a maximum of 100 characters.

2. If your app is on android then beautiful description emphasizing its importance with keywords is a must.

3. The title can be a single word or a phrase but make sure that they are separated. You can separate them using comma.

4. People already know your company, so you must not use it for optimization. Also, when you select a keyword make sure that it is not repeated again and again.

5. Spend some time looking at the search results that you get after entering the selected keyword. By doing this you can know about some of your rivalry companies.

6. Instead of having just one keyword you can make a list of at least three or four. This will help you avoid overuse of a single word when optimizing your app.

7. When you select more than one keyword make sure that they are relevant. Just randomly selecting a word which does not match your USP will never work when planning to optimize your app.

8. If you have an app in different languages then select keywords to match the place. For example you can select keywords in French, German, Spanish or any other language.

9. Make sure that there is no spelling error.

10. Perfection is the key to success, so before selecting, search for some popular keywords in different platforms.

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ASO App Store Optimization

A well marketed mobile apps generates good revenue for the developer. The more your apps is popular, the more is the revenue you generate. Now the question is how to achieve the popularity for your apps? The answer is ASO or app store optimization techniques. Generally, once an apps is developed, the next thing people will do is publish it in apps store like Google Play Store, Itunes or windows app store. Many people conclude the job at this stage itself and they think this is ultimatum. Those people suffer a lot when their apps go unnoticed or invisible for the people in app store.

How to market your apps?

When you have developed your apps, don’t think your job is over. You have completed only 70% of the work. The rest 30% is all about the promotion of the apps. But the fact is that this 30% of the job holds the key in your app’s success. Many people who ignore the ASO APP store optimization will realize its importance very late. So it is very essential for the developer to take promotion of the apps very seriously with equal importance. Only then the developers can survive in apps business.     

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

ASO is the technique of strategically promoting the mobile applications in any online app store to enhance the visibility of the app. All it means is the apps should be found when the users search with the specific keywords. This visibility then leads to downloads. The number of downloads will then translate into popularity and revenue generation. That’s all you need at the end! The approach of ASO app store optimization is predefined and remains same for all promoters. But only thing is the effectiveness of the promotion, implementation matters.

Who does ASO?

An apps developer may or may not be aware of apps promotion techniques. There are professionals who are dedicated and expert in ASO app store optimization services. They can be an established company or freelancers. They would have successfully promoted many apps in online store. These people understand the competition in the market for your apps, find out the audience class and chalk out a plan for promotion. Please note that app store optimization can’t be done very fast. It definitely needs specific period of time. Moreover, it is a continuous process and not a single time job. Patience, perseverance and strategy are the three key points for successfully promote an apps.

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