App Store Optimization and SEO

App Store Optimization (ASO or app store SEO) is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app’s store. If you are an app developer, or planning to develop an app, then this is something you need to look into. When an apps ranks good in the search results of store, it will be more visible for your end users. This visibility will convert into more downloads and generating good revenue for you. The Google play store has around a million of apps in it and windows apps store has around one fifth of a million apps. Obviously these numbers are very huge and it is not an easy task to get your apps noticed in search results.  As more and more apps are being developed every day, app store optimization is getting more difficult.

App Store Optimization has two parts. The first one is On-App store optimization which involves optimization of name of the application, basic description, the product category, author, developer or company name, brand name, screenshots, icons, app description etc.  The second one is Off-App store Optimization which involves use of right keywords, social promotion, size of the apps, download speed, user reviews, the frequency of update, new releases, offering additional features etc.  The keywords used might change regularly when the similar apps getting added into the store. That is why you need keep researching the keywords very regularly.  The app name should be very catchy and should contain the hot keyword which people key in for searches. The icon of the apps should be eye catching and need to have pictorial representation of your apps. The icon should drag the attention of the users.

By concentrating on these elements and continuously working on it, you can make your apps to standout among others in the pool. App Store SEO is becoming increasingly popular now a days and that is why it has been challenging for many new comers. Remember one thing; ASO is not a job of few days or weeks. It is an ongoing process and you need to work on it constantly and consistently.

Like people do website SEO to rank well in web search engines, ASO is referred as App Store SEO. Here you do search engine optimization in app store. Both website SEO and App Store SEO is correlated. Purpose of both is same, though the strategies used for promotion might be different.

If you are looking for best aso app store optimization companies, then definitely you need to consider team who can get best visibility for your products.


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