APP Store Optimization and Marketing Services

Mobile Apps developers spend lots of time on research and development of app. They put all their hard work and dedication on design, features, functionality, testing etc. They will be on great hope that when they release their mobile app on online app store, it will make them to earn good money. But it is not as simple as they think. Because once they release their application in online store, it may get unnoticed by people. So it is essential to market your product in order to succeed in apps development business.  Unless it is properly marketed, you are going to lose your time and money.

Good Apps developers gives equal emphasis on apps store optimization (ASO), which also called apps marketing services. Once the mobile apps are ready you need to release them in multiple online application stores like Google Play Store, itunes Stores etc. This is your first step towards App marketing. Now your mobile apps should be visible when people search in the store. This is a biggest and challenging task since the apps store contains thousands of applications.  Everyday new and new apps hitting the store make app store optimization very tough and competitive. But using the proper ASO techniques you can make your apps to be noticed in the store. Let us now have a look at some of the tips and techniques for ASO.

Title Description: Give a suitable, niche and meaningful name for your product. The name should have one or more different and related keywords in it. Let us consider an example that you have developed android apps for English to Kannada language translator. People visiting the mobile app store will search with keywords like Kannada to English, Kannada English translator, Kannada to English conversion etc. Now you can notice the keywords to be included in the apps name.

Icon: Icon of a mobile application is an important aspect when it comes to apps marketing and optimization. A catchy ICON grabs the people attention resulting in good number of downloads. The ICON should be depictive of the application. For illustration, English to Kannada Language translator can have the apps ICON with Kannada font. This attracts people up to a great extent.

User Experience: There is one saying “A satisfied customer will be a marketer for you”. This applies here also. Give good user experience in your apps. Provide good features required by the people. Study your competitors. Give regular update to users with new features. This makes the end users happy and makes them to suggest your mobile apps for more and more people. is a team of dedicated professionals who are into apps marketing services and ASO optimization. They have fully fledged strategies in place for ASO app store optimization to get your mobile apps noticed.


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